Friday, July 11, 2014

So what's all this then?

This represents my attempt to grok the complicated, shifting mess that is our world and, whenever possible, influence people to take a much closer look at what’s happening around them. Economics, geopolitics, energy limitations, environment, culture (or lack thereof)…. all these things are converging in a dangerous way, and the herd seems blissfully unaware that they’re running off the proverbial cliff. Frankly, the difference between what the average person thinks is going on and what is actually going on couldn’t be greater, particularly in America. I won’t pretend to have all the answers and I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes in predictions or analyses along the way, but I can guarantee anything I say here will have more substance than what you’ll find in the broadcast or cable news, and most print media too for that matter. And because I am an engineer and a geek at heart, every so often I may dip into tech topics or maybe even throw some science your way.

Why start writing about this now? Well, in part I'm getting increasingly frustrated with how the average person seems to be lapsing back into complacency and old bad habits at the worst possible time in history. Turning to politicians and government for the solution instead of being part of the solution. Going further into debt to buy more crap they don’t really need. Refusing to acknowledge the need to prepare and save for tough times. Allowing crap TV and even crappier schools effectively raise their children, or on the flip side sheltering and coddling their children to an extent that they’re unprepared to function in the real world as adults. The list goes on. But the other reason is the overpowering feeling I have that the world is very close to another major turning point similar to what we experienced in 2008-2009. And whether it affects us positively or negatively will primarily depend on how attached and dependent one is to the status quo. Those that insist that things will remain the same and base their decisions on that assumption WILL be in for a very rough time. So my desire here is that more people will break out of their self-constructed reality bubbles, declare their independence from the herd, and find their own path in the new world that will emerge.

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