Friday, February 6, 2015

Link of the Week: China Needs Women

This week's link comes from Zerohedge, and is an amusing article on how people of two dysfunctional nations can come together (as Sterling Archer might say in response, "phrasing!") to find ways around their problems ;-)

BTW I have been to China several times, and the male-female disparity was noticeable at times.  Not so much that one observed so many more men than women, but rather just seeing a high number of young, supposedly single men milling around in the evening.  Anyway, here is your link:

How Ukraine Can Save China From Its Existential Threat (Spoiler Alert: Girls)

"In China last year, just over 115 boys were born for every 100 girls, and since sonogram technology was introduced to China in the 1980s - allowing families to determine a baby’s gender during the first few months of pregnancy - the gender imbalance in the world's largest economy has grown colossal. However, as Beijing News recently explained, there may be a solution for China's 34 million woman shortfall... Ukrainian women, as "their economy is depressed but beautiful women are running rampant." While Foreign Policy notes that the best destinations for Chinese men to find spouses are Japan and South Korea, there appears to be plenty of fish in the sea, at least outside China. Oh the wonders of Ricardian comparative advantage - Ukraine needs an export business (and produces - from what we have heard - attractive women) and China needs to import 'women' (to fill its massive shortfall). Global economic growth problems, solved..."

Read the rest at the link here, or copy/paste the link below.

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