Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Link of the Week: Podcast featuring David Collum

In the theme of my ‘Year of Chaos’ series of posts, this week’s link is a Peak Prosperity podcast featuring David Collum.  He’s actually a scientist (in the field of chemistry if I remember right) rather than a professional economist or pundit or political wonk, but in my opinion I think that works in his favor.  He has a discerning eye for spotting patterns and the ‘big picture’, as well as having a knack for cutting through the BS in an entertaining way.  

An excerpt below from peakprosperity.com:

“To me, the global economic theme is existential risk. That's a phrase I use repeatedly throughout my Year In Review. Things now seem to be coming to a head.

A metaphor that I came up with, that I just love because I know the game well, is that we're engaged in a global game of Tetris. For those unfamiliar with the game: you place these pieces methodically, and then the game starts accelerating. You start placing pieces faster and faster, until you reach some point where you simply can no longer successfully place the pieces in time.

And it feels like the authorities, the monetary authorities, the geo political authorities -- all of those people who are really calling the shots around the globe --are playing that game, and it's accelerating now.

The end of the game is called 'topping out'. And I’m wondering when that topping out is going to occur.”

The fact he also seems to sense a pivotal year ahead makes me feel both encouraged (because it helps confirm I’m not totally nuts) and concerned (because if we’re right it means the world is going to go apesh*t).  And BTW, props to him for the Tetris reference, the time-sink of choice for many people my age back in the first days of the GameBoy....
You can find the podcast at the link here or you can copy and paste the link below.


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