Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Link of the Week

This Link of the Week is an interview with one Dmitry Orlov, a Russian-American engineer and blogger who’s probably most known for his comparisons of the situation the USSR was in shortly before and after its collapse and the situation that America faces now and (in his view) is likely to see in its own near future.  I have my own thoughts and opinions when it comes to his analysis and conclusions on that, but I’ll save those for later and simply say that his point of view is worth reading and/or listening to (you can find that comparison “Closing the Collapse Gap” here).  At any rate, this podcast interview is excellent and offers a perspective into the Russia-Ukraine situation that isn't really touched in the American mainstream media.  My take is that while Dmitry has some slight bias towards Russia (understandable given his background), it’s not nearly as bad or blatant as the pro-West bias seen in what passes for American news.  I expect somewhere in the middle lies the truth, and in my opinion it's closer to Dmitry Orlov's take than what the US (and European) mainstream media is telling us. 

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